Huh—seems as if Marvel Studios is looking to continue their new tradition of having wildly talented directors of dramatic, emotionally searing films direct a movie about a blonde guy with a cape who swings a big hammer real hard.  At least, according to Entertainment Weekly, who has it that Patty Jenkins—the woman behind the grueling and harrowingly great Charlize Theron-starring film, Monster—will be taking over the director’s chair from Kenneth Branagh for Thor 2.

So says Entertainment Weekly:

“Jenkins, who is repped by CAA, also directed the acclaimed pilot to AMC’s The Killing, as well as episodes of Entourage and Arrested Development. She would be taking on Thor 2 from the original movie’s director Kenneth Branagh. The film is set to begin shooting next April, with plans to be in theaters by July 2013.

“There was no official confirmation from Marvel about Jenkins, but several sources close to the project said talks are ongoing.”

This could be really interesting, having the director of Monster take over a comic book film—especially if this means that Thor would then be portrayed as an ex-hooker and serial killer who falls into a lesbian love affair with Christina Ricci.  I mean, it might be a tough sell, but it’d be memorable, right?  Do I have the plot of this thing straight?

What do you think of the Thor 2 news?