Liam Neeson has re-teamed with The A-Team director Joe Carnahan for The Grey and it looks to be an adventure. The film tells the story of oil riggers who survive a plane crash, and who are forced to survive in the wilderness and battle the nearby wolves. What looks to be a mixture of Alive and The Edge has at least one advantage – the trailer shows Neeson going up against a wolf wearing broken bottles on his hand. The trailer packs a punch, check it out.

The January 27 release date suggests that they’re going to try for another January/Taken-style success, and perhaps this is the film to recapture that magic (last year’s Unknown is probably best forgotten). These films seem to another story of survival that deals with what’s in a man’s heart, and the will to live and all that.

After years of developing projects only to see them evaporate, it’s also good to see Carnahan working steadily. So many of his former projects had gone through the rounds and died on the vine. Those must have been heartbreaking an include an adaptation of the James Ellroy novel White Jazz to star George Clooney and an adaptation of Lawrence Block’s  A Walk among the Tombstones to star Harrison Ford. Perhaps teaming with Neeson is the best thing for Carnahan, as Neeson has been reborn as an action star since Taken.

What’s your favorite Liam Neeson role?