Jeez—the sixth Fast and Furious film continues to be the speedy little car sequels that keeps destroying the sequels to other franchises that should be long dead.  Just as the upcoming Fast and Furious film’s scheduling requirements forced director Justin Lin to bail on production of the upcoming Highlander reboot, it has now also forced Lin to drop out of directing the upcoming fifth and six Terminator films.

I don’t know what is more shocking—the fact that the sixth Fast and Furious film is becoming like a sequel wrecking ball in Hollywood, or that fact that there are not one, but two Terminator sequels coming up—both involving Arnold Schwarzenegger!

According to /Film:

“After a couple years of slow-moving development, progress on Terminator 5 suddenly picked up earlier this year. Arnold Schwarzenegger and director Justin Lin both came aboard, indie financier Megan Ellison grabbed the rights and Lin began talking up what he’d like to see in the next installment of the franchise.

“In fact, the problem now may be that things are moving a little too fast. Lin has been forced to pull out of the project due to scheduling issues. There’s still a chance he could find his way back to the franchise, but only if Ellison and Schwarzenegger are willing to adjust their timeline to account for Lin’s busy schedule.”

As it turns out, Schwarzenegger and Ellison have to get the two sequels made before 2018, as that is when the rights to the Terminator franchise revert back to James Cameron, meaning that the franchise can’t wait for Lin to make room for it.

If I may make a subtle suggestion to resolved these issues, it would be this:  DO NOT MAKE ANOTHER FAST AND FURIOUS, HIGHLANDER, OR TERMINATOR FILM.  SERIOUSLY.  JUST STOP.

What do you think of the Terminator news?