The penultimate episode of Season 7 opens with a split-screen of Silas and Nancy walking around the streets of NYC, competing for costumers and business associates. Before we know it, Nancy is winning the race and Silas, frustrated by the lack of progress on his end. Last night, “Weeds” also brushed on one of the most important storylines – Nancy’s custody battle for Stevie against her sister Jill. We were introduced to this storyline at the beginning of the season and it’s great to know that the writers haven’t forgotten about poor baby Stevie. There were many things going on in ‘Qualitative Spatial Reasoning’ (at one point there was a three-way split screen). This means next week’s finale is going to busy.

The Players:

Episode: “Qualitative Spatial Reasoning”

Andy turns mediator when Nancy and Silas clash over who’s in charge of the business. Meanwhile Shane tries to regain the trust of Detective Ouellette. Also, Nancy makes a presentation to the Vehement Capital Partners that’s too hard to resist. And, Heylia James and Dean Hodes run into some trouble on their way to the bike shop.

The Good:

  • Split-Screen: The opening split-screen was a great way for the audience to see how Silas and Nancy are using similar methods to try and win over their old costumers and drug dealers, while at the same time there’s a barrier between the two characters. It’s like a neat little diagram where we can see the similarities and differences between mother and son.
  • “I am not a secretary, I sell marijuana”: Last week Nancy figured out a way to effectively sell her MILF weed for a lot more money. Her method is to add exclusivity, because “nothing makes a rich person want something more than telling them they can’t have it.” So Ms. Botwin brings her business preposition to Vehement, and she brings along an attractive group of young girls (who could easily be mistaken as escorts). You got to hand it to Nancy, she knows how to deliver a sale’s pitch.
  • Shane’s Noble Deed: Shane helps out Detective Ouellette by bringing his estranged stepson to his office. Mind you, he does this for his own benefit (to distract the detective), but it turns out to be a very nice and sweet gesture. When the detective’s stepson is unwilling to be nice to his dad, Shane uses violence to scare him straight. The kid, afraid Shane might hit him with a police baton, agrees to play nice. It’s a nice thing for Shane to do, regardless of his methods. And it’s nice to see Detective Ouellette smiling.

The Bad

  • The Ending: Even though the opening split-screen was effective, it didn’t work so well at the end. There’s just too much going on at one time. It feels like they’re taking care of all the stuff they hadn’t finished earlier in the season. It’s all good, but it’s just too much, too fast, without enough time to savor all the great stuff they’re dishing up.


It’s nice to hear that Stevie is still one of Nancy’s top priorities, and that helps justify some of the wacky things that she’s doing, like selling pot, sending the feds on Pouncy House and fighting against her own kid. Nancy’s dealing drugs because she wants Stevie back (and for that she needs stability) and she doesn’t want anyone or anything to stand in the way. There’s a lot of buildup for the season finale, and it just seems like so much to cover in a very short amount of time. It’ll be a busy ending.

Rating: 7/10

“Weeds” airs on Showtime at 10pm (ET/PT) on Monday nights.

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