Avatar is the most successful (unadjusted) film to ever play in American theaters, but though James Cameron has been talking sequels, it’s hard to weigh the film’s cultural weight. Perhaps the blue paint has kept it from being a hot-button Halloween costume (that and the nudity), but it’s two years later, and it’s unknown when it will it be sequelized, and there doesn’t seem to be much passion in the air for the film. Perhaps Disneyworld will stoke those fires, as they’ve announced they will start construction on Avatar-themed areas in 2013.

Avatar was once the “what the heck is this? Blue Cats?” film, and Cameron’s worrisome follow up to his mammoth hit Titanic (thought untoppable). Six months after release it had made $750 Million in America, and over two billion internationally. But though the film advanced motion capture and 3-D technology, it’s simplistic story hasn’t generated the hard core “I wish I was Jake Skully or Neteri” passions that once kept Star Wars so hot.

But perhaps comparing the film to Star Wars at this late juncture is moot. With theatrical windows shorter than ever, Avatar managed to be a picture that had to be seen on the big screen, and a month after release it was the sort of film that the zeitgeist required anyone who liked films in any sort of meaningful way to hit theaters to check out. Cultural resonance in the age of niche cultures is that much harder to measure. Disneyworld believes that it’s worth doing things Avatar-themed five years after release, so either the sequels will be coming in conjunction with the theme areas, or Avatar is just one of those films.

Would you go to Disneyworld to visit Pandora?