Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a lowly bike messenger sucked into a world of intrigue when he delivers the wrong package in 2012′s Premium Rush. He stars with Michael Shannon and Jamie Chung in the latest film from go-to screenwriter David Koepp, who recently wrote the final draft of Men In Black III, and is currently on Johnny Depp‘s The Thin Man update. Check out the trailer…

A little bit Hitchcock, a little bit extreme sports, and maybe a little bit Phone Booth, wouldn’t you say? Koepp has made a number of goes at directing, but he’s never been as successful there as he has at scripting. But this looks like a solid thriller with stunts, so it could be fun.The bike Messenger thing seems about ten years ago, but it’s not like bike messengers aren’t still around (I guess messengers have graduated to leading man status after being the fallback in romantic comedies for “bad boyfriends the leading lady will quickly dump.”)

The big draw of this is the cast. Gordon-Levitt has seemed pretty close to becoming a star, and with his continued work with Christopher Nolan, perhaps he will be an A-lister in the near future. While Michael Shannon is in Man of Steel playing Zod, so he’s also getting his chance, though he’s an academy award nominated character actor type, and there’s always work for them. Good cast, workable central premise, all the film has to do is deliver.

What’s your favorite Joseph Gordon-Levitt role so far?