The marketing for The Muppets has been nothing if not creative, and now they’ve moved on to parodying The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trailer. This doesn’t have the same psyche-out reveal of their earlier trailers, and stars Jason Segel, Amy Adams, and Chris Cooper are front and center, while many of the film’s cameos are now readily apparent. This is a fun trailer and plays to what looks to be the film’s strength: its sense of humor. Check it out…

At this point the drum beat is pretty steady for this film, and I’m pretty excited. It will be interesting to see how the general public responds to the return of The Muppets, which is the big question at this point.

But the timing seems right. Even though more recent Muppet fare was nothing if not – let’s say – Direct to DVD, the main characters have never seemed as exploited or run into the ground as some of their more recent counterparts. And there are generations now that have grown up on the material. Regardless how the film fares, the marketing has been great, it’s easily the least irritating and most fun marketing campaign in a very long time.

The film opens November 23. Here’s the parody poster that goes with the trailer.

Who’s your favorite Muppet?