Kenny Powers – the irascible fictional pitcher from Eastbound and Down - has already become an icon, and a favorite in the sports community. Which is funny because creators Jody Hill and Danny McBride never really knew much about the sport before they made the show. and they still don’t know much about it. But after two seasons showing Powers hit rock bottom, he’s now back in America, and ready for the minors. Here’s a teaser for the third season…

This doesn’t say much of anything except announcing that Powers will return in January. The show has finished shooting – at least according to costar Jason Sudekis - so they’re in post now. Not too much has leaked about it otherwise, though we know that Ike Barinholtz will be playing Kenny’s rival.

Both Jody Hill and Danny McBride have tried to find a cinematic audience, but either together (The Foot Fist Way) or separate (McBride in Your Highness, Hill with Observe and Report) they haven’t succeeded – McBride’s most successful film work comes when he’s part of an ensemble. Which makes the success of Eastbound and Down all the sweeter and kind of surprising. When doing press for Seasons one and two, everyone has said that they want to keep the series tight (which has been reflected in the show’s short seasons), and that season three will likely be the last. Powers will likely go out with force when the show possibly concludes February or March of 2012. Then again, you never know.

What’s your favorite Kenny Powers quote?