In what may have been inevitable, J.J. Abrams has finally signed on to direct Star Trek 2. Though Paramount was hot for the sequel after the first film’s impressive domestic showing, Abrams went on to direct Super 8, and Hollywood considered turning Chris Pine into a movie star (there were a number of rumors about what he would do next, but mostly there’s been Unstoppable). Production is supposed to start later this year for what is more than likely a 2013 summer release date.

There was a lot of puttering about getting this sequel going for a film that surpassed expectations. And it would be one thing if J.J. Abrams was making his passion project, but unless his passion is aping Steven Spielberg, it’s hard to say that of Super 8. It’s hard to say what gave some cold feet, other than having opportunities elsewhere after its success.

Star Trek came out in 2009, after original having been slotted for a December 2008 release. The film was heavily altered by the writer’s strike, which went into effect while the film was shooting. There has been some speculation about how much re-writing got done before (and reshoots after) the strike, but it’s undeniable that the film played like gangbusters. Perhaps partly because of some of the obstacles that got in the film’s way. Perhaps its makers are worried about getting that lightning back in the bottle.
Star Trek 2: if you had nothing better to do would you line up now?