By now you know that Johnny Depp is starring in The Rum Diary as Paul Kemp, a Hunter S. Thompson-esque character. Depp is no stranger to the Gonzo journalist. In 1998, he played Thompson in Terry Gilliam‘s adaptation of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The Rum Diary also features Amber Heard, Aaron Eckhart, Richard Jerkins and Giovanni Ribisi, but, of course, the big draw is Depp. Shockingly enough, the big star has been left off the movie poster. Risky. You can check out the poster below, and see for yourself. I’m totally digging the bottles of rum.

The Rum Diary is based on Thompson’s first novel of the same name. It tells the story of Paul Kemp, a traveling journalist. Kemp is fed up with the New York life style and late Eisenhower-era America, so he takes off to Puerto Rico where he attempts to get a job at the local newspaper. While there he starts to mimic the Island’s behavior of drinking rum. He also runs into a woman (Heard) whom he becomes obsessed with, except she’s taken by one of the most powerful men on the Island, Sanderson (Eckhart). When Sanderson asks Kemp to write a piece in favor of his business, he’s left with a true journalists’ dilemma.

Even though Depp has played a similar character in the past phenomenally. Lately he’s been playing some of the same kind of character (just with different names). We’re all eager to see him deliver us Paul Kemp and not just another version of Captain Jack Sparrow.

FilmDistrict recently launched a website for the movie, Also check out The Rum Diary trailer and photos of Johnny Depp riding around in Puerto Rico.

Depp is a handsome stud, but FilmDistrict made the choice him off the poster – we all know Johnny Depp. But do you think they made the right decision? Or did you want more Depp?

The Rum Diary hits theaters October 28, 2011.

What do you think of The Rum Diary movie poster?