Season 7 of “Weeds” started off a bit wobbly. The show focused too much of its attention on pointless story-lines like Andy’s polyamorous relationship and Nancy’s love triangle, when it should have been tackling the Andy-Nancy relationship and Nancy’s custody battle for Stevie. There have been a few pivotal moments, like in tonight’s episode when Silas stands up to his mother, but with two episodes away from the season finale, there isn’t enough time for what we really want. At this point, I think we have to come to terms with season 7 being a transitional season, and hope that the next will offer less senseless drama and more development in both the story and the characters.

The Players:

Episode: “Une Mère Que J’aimerais Baiser”

Nancy hopes to cash in on some new business opportunities when she tags along with Andy and Doug for a weekend in the East Hamptons. Silas hopes to reconcile with Emma; and Shane accompanies Det. Ouellette on a drug bust.

The Good:

  • Bill Sussman Returns: Andy hasn’t changed much this season. He’s had a few peaking moments – like in last week’s episode when he abandoned all reason and held Emma hostage at nail gun-point. Still, he’s a great character for entertainment purposes. This week saw the return of Bill Sussman (one of Andy’s alter-egos), a wealthy lawyer who enjoys Long Island Iced teas. Once again, we are fascinated by the way Andy can conjure up a whole biography without making it sound like a total lie. We ought to thank the writers who come up with these creative stories, but also Justin Kirk who happens to be a great bluffer. Bill Sussman also served as a reflection for Andy. That character gave him the ability to channel his inner macho-man and briefly stand up to Nancy, which leads me to…
  • Andy and Nancy: The relationship between Andy and Nancy is so complicated that it falls into multiple category (ex: family, lovers, friends). These past 11 episodes should have been dealing with them as lovers (we’ve seen everything else), but the story was buried, until last night. Bill Sussman brought out the rage in Andy. He reminds Nancy that he’s still obsessed with her, despite her being a ‘self-center heartless sociopath.’ It wasn’t much, but at least we know that the story line is still there.
  • Silas: Nancy’s eldest is also “Weeds” most valuable character, as of now. Silas has learned and grown up to be a character than can hold his own. Where he goes from here will be crucial to the whole story because he’s become as important as Nancy. He’s the male equivalent of Nancy, basically. I didn’t expect to see a battle between mother and son, because Silas always forgave Nancy for all the outrages things she did. But now, he’s done, and it’s exciting  to see him go. As great a character as Nancy is, it was about time that someone stood up to her and said “I’m done.”

The So-So:

  • The Grey Goose of Weed: Nancy is trying to make loads of cash. Her reason is that she needs to pay Dimitri back for the weed, but that doesn’t make a lot of sense since she probably gets her product for less than the asking price. It isn’t about the money either because we’ve learned that Nancy doesn’t really care about money anymore. The truth is that she likes to deal. So why exactly does she want to be the Grey Goose of weed?

The Bad

  • The Bust: “Weeds” has had its fair share of busts. From Celia’s house in Agrestic to the underground tunnel in the maternity store, all of the drug busts have been major events (and sometimes highly emotional). But not this time. The Pouncy House bust was bland and blah. It was a disappointment.
  • Stevie: Wasn’t Nancy suppose to try and get Stevie back? Where is this storyline?


There’s a lot going on in last night’s episode. Andy hides himself in Bill Sussman, hoping to distance himself from his feelings for Nancy. Silas finds out that his mother sent the feds to Pouncy House, and that pushes him to the edge. There’s two episodes left (less than one hour of footage) until the season finale. Everything points to a mother/son showdown, but is that what we signed up for?

Rating: 8/10

“Weeds” airs on Showtime at 10pm (ET/PT) on Monday nights.


What did you think of last night’s episode?