Holy, holy, holy mother of God, this is really happening—Point Break, the fantastically insane and incredibly, enjoyable stupid ‘90s film that features Keanu Reeves not-acting as Johnny Utah, an ex-football hero FBI agent set against Patrick Swayze not-acting as philosopher/ extreme sport enthusiast/ surfer/ leader of a bank robbing gang who disguise themselves as U.S. presidents (oh, and Gary Busey shows up and—get this—is the least insane part of the film), is getting a remake, thanks to Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the most coke-fueled Hollywood decision this year goes like this:

The new version, with a screenplay by Kurt Wimmer (Salt), will be set in the world of international extreme sports and also involve an FBI agent infiltrating a criminal ring… In addition to the feature rights, Alcon has also secured television and gaming rights to Point Break.

So there’s going to be a Point Break game.  THERE IS GOING TO BE A POINT BREAK GAME.  But don’t get too excited—it’s not going to be based on the so-bad-it’s-good original film, but based entirely on what is likely going to be so-bad-it’s-just-plain-bad remake.

Seriously, a movie that features a hero whose name is actually Johnny Utah is getting remade.

What do you think of the idea of a Point Break remake?