There’s so much going on in the film industry that sometimes it’s impossible to keep up. Thankfully, there are roundups, where we can get you up-to-date on anything you might’ve missed.

After screening at Venice Film Festival, Steve McQueen‘s Shame got picked up by a legitimate studio, while the rights of the longest-running comic book series were sold to the production company behind the Resident Evil series. There was also some news of a neat record-breaker which included this year’s Kung Fu Panda 2. Catch up below.

  • Kung Fu Panda 2 has been a hit overseas, such a hit that its director Jennifer Yuh Nelson has become the highest-grossing female director ever. The film is No. 51 on the all-time box-office list, with earnings of over $645 million globally. It’s no surprise that DreamWorks Animation allowed a first-time director to helm Kung Fu Panda 2 because prior to the job, Nelson had worked on several other projects including as a story artist on Madagascar.
  • Fox Searchlight just bought a new movie starring Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan. After hitting a few prestigious film festivals, Shame garnered a lot of positive buzz – Fassbender even won the Volpi Cup for Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival. McQueen (who directed Fassbender in the 2008 drama Hunger) is at the head of this film about a 30-something man who suffers from sex-addiction.
  • Davis Films acquired the film adaptation rights for Golgo 13, the Japanese comic series by Takao Saito. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, here’s what you need to know: the comic was launched in 1968 and is still being serialized, making it the longest-running comic, and that this is the story of the unrivaled assassin-for-hire Duke Togo and his exploits around the world. The production company (which is responsible for films like Silent Hill and the Resident Evil franchise) sees Golgo 13 as a possible franchise.
  • Adam Sandler‘s new porn comedy Bucky Larson: Born To be a Star has been an epic failure. It landed 13th on the box office during its weekend debut and got a 0% on the Tomatometer. However, someone, who can actually relate to the film, liked it! Over at Movie Line, adult-film superstar Joanna Angel reviewed Bucky Larson and gave some insight about the porn industry.
  • VIP Movie Snob released two exclusive articles about the new Superman movie The Man of Steel and Clint Eastwood‘s J. Edgar. Zack Snyder, who’s at the helm of the remake, decided to also redo Superman’s outfit. Henry Cavill will be Superman, in leather – check out the photos. Also, Mr. Eastwood shared that his film “leaves it open to interpretation” whether or not J. Edgar Hoover was a cross-dresser and homosexual.
  • Unreality Magazine posted some cool photos from Gamescom in Germany. The convention is similar to Comic-Con, except it’s exclusively about the gaming world. This time This Russian Guy was there to capture the moment.
  • And lastly, but certainly not least – The Emmy Awards! The famed awards are on Sunday and if you’re super excited about them, well, why not sign up for the Emmy Pools? They work just like the Oscar Pools. Check them out over at Picktainment.

That’s our roundup for today. Hopefully you’re all caught up by now. Keep checking back with us at ScreenCrave for more entertainment news.

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