Tom Cruise is looking at you over numbers! Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol has been getting good buzz for a while. Which is shocking considering that Tom Cruise was a washout not so long ago (like last summer). Thank the people behind the film for that (read: Brad Bird). But what’s been consistent in the franchise are the posters. They’re all about Tom Cruise’s head. Here’s the latest poster for the series. Check it out…

Consistent with the franchise is also the burning fuse, which dates to the television show (one of the only things they kept besides some names and the theme music).

It’s strange they’re not also selling the additional characters played by Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton, Tom Wilkinson, or Josh Holloway, but perhaps this is in Cruise’s contract. As we’ve said before, there was talk that this was Cruise’s last bow as the character, but this advertising doesn’t suggest the team effort it might have been.

Regardless, as long as the film delivers action and good word of mouth, it doesn’t matter if the series continues with Cruise or Renner (as was previously rumored). The franchise itself is so malleable that it could easily be rebooted with no one of the old (perhaps in a year or two Zac Efron could be Ethan Hunt). It’s weird that the name value of a forty year old TV show has that sort of staying power, but it now exists beyond a show that many people who’ve seen all the films never bothered with.

Do you think Tom Cruise ain’t afraid of no Ghosts?