Tom Six is at it again, and now there’s a second Human Centipede film coming. We’ve shown you the trailer for the first film, and a promo teaser for this one, but new there’s the further trailer for the second film, which hits October 7. This promises to go further than the last film. You’ve been warned…

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The first film was a video on demand phenomenon, and got both the horror audience, and those looking for something transgressive to watch a movie about a man who sews people together. It was also infamous enough to parodied on South Park, which suggests it had some sort of cultural saturation.

Personally, I never saw the first film, and had no interest in it (other than to know if – once the three were sewn together – someone farted), but it’s nice to see a horror movie that had an honest to goodness groundswell of interest that got in on the map. For struggling filmmakers, The Human Centipede is a good example of how to get attention without stars or flashy special effects (call it the John Waters way). But it’s hard to come up with an idea as potent as three people stitched together in a rectum to mouth fashion. It may be lightning in a bottle; we’ll see when the second film hits October 7.

How Gross was the first film?