Mel Gibson and Joe Eszterhas are both officially “bad boys” for the public lives and the trouble they’ve gotten into on and off screen. Perhaps Gibson is the Chocolate to Eszterhas’s peanut butter as the two are teaming together to tell the story of Judah Maccabee, a Jewish warrior famed in the second century B. C. according to Deadline Hollywood.

Mel Gibson and Joe Eszterhas both had their time at the top of the industry. Gibson has had the Mad Max and the Lethal Weapon franchises, while Eszterhas was one of the hottest writers – having penned Flashdance and The Jagged Edge, and came under public scrutiny for making so much money on scripts like Basic Instinct. The industry turned on Eszterhas first as he penned a number of erotic thrillers like Jade and Showgirls that went bust. And while Gibson was respected up until 2004′s  The Passion of the Christ, his public actions made him more famous for his sexism, anti-semetism, and wife-beating than – say – his work in Edge of Darkness.

Eszterhas basically left the industry after a bad run – which is what happens to hot writers turned cold – so his return is somewhat welcome, even if no one’s ever loved one of his scripts. For Gibson, perhaps making a film about a Jewish hero is the best way to counter some of his drunken antics. And the public often has a short term memory for a lot of this stuff. But Gibson still seems toxic if the numbers on The Beaver are any representation of audience’s interest in his return.

How do you view Gibson now?