Because releasing a YouTube video unto the world, professing his love and sexual desire for a 22 year old actress who is less than half his age, was not enough, Jim Carrey continued to show the world this week that the fine line between comic hilarity and downright kinda odd has become increasingly blurred, as the actor was photographed spray painting a house in New York with graffiti, according to E! News.

But what he was snapped spray-painting in New York’s West Village over Labor Day weekend wasn’t actually his house… the Pet Detective star says it’s just his art studio where he likes to hang out and paint.

Carrey, and actor who came to national prominence portraying a detective that solved mysteries pertaining to household pets while speaking from his anus, then went so far as to correct those of us who might consider his public outings as increasingly strange, via his Twitter:

“Incase u believe wht u read in papers n blogs i did’t tag my house. It’s my art studio, a simple space where i can unleash my #Boing.”

So there you have it, you suspicious, close-minded philistines.  The man had to unleash some Boing.  And isn’t that the desire of every artist, really?  To unleash Boing?

What do you make of the Carrey news?