Who would think that Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Steve Martin would make a comedy together? Wilson and Black have already crossed paths, from their would-be TV show Heat Vision and Jack to the first season of Community, they’re both regular collaborators with Ben Stiller, and that gang of comedians.  But Steve Martin seems to either make quality films or plain hackwork. Hard to say what The Big Year will be, which has three men taking a year off from life to explore the world. Check out the trailer and the poster…

A little bit of slapstick is expected, some smartish dialog is there, the question is if it is a wank-fest, or actually insightful. Hard to say. All three lead performers are capable with the right material, but all three have not only phoned it in, but sucked it up in some of their films. The director is David Frankel, which – as the poster notes – worked wonders with The Devil Wears Prada.

Perhaps more interesting is that the script is fro Howard Franklin, a mercurial talent who co-directed Quick Change with Bill Murray. That suggests good things, and perhaps the trailer plays up the stupid. The most fascinating moment for me is at the end when both Jack Black and Steve Martin dance. Martin dances in his iconic “goofy” style while Jack Black dances in his iconic way as well. But it’s an interesting yin and yang, as Martin returning to his “happy feet” roots evokes nostalgia, while Black’s schtick invokes the flop sweat that has come with his string of unfunny vehicles (from Saving Silverman to Guliver’s Travels). That said the film this most reminds of is The Darjeeling Limited, which starred Owen Wilson. Here’s the poster.

Is this a comic trio that interests you?