Bruce Willis will be returning as John McClane in Die Hard 5, and John Moore is now in final negotiations to helm the fourth sequel, according to Deadline Hollywood.  Such usually means it’s a done deal. Fox wants to get going on this as Willis as also on board a sequel to his recent minor hit Red. What the actual title of the film will be is unknown, Deadline says it’s shooting in Russia. The reason for this sequel is that Live Free or Die Hard made over $38o Million worldwide, and a franchise is a franchise.

There seem to be two trains of thought on the Die Hard series. One is that the film descends in quality with each passing film, while some maintain that Die Hard with a Vengeance is slightly better than Die Hard 2: Die Harder. But few argue that the first film isn’t the best (and it’s now considered a masterpiece) and that Live Free or Die Hard isn’t the worst of the four.

The hiring of John Moore suggests that Fox is treating this like product. Though Moore showed promise with such films as Behind Enemy Lines and the remake of Flight of the Phoenix, he’s been Fox’s go-to in-house filmmaker for a while now and is usually on their short list when they need a director quick. More recently he helmed their films Max Payne and The Omen remake- the latter so similar to the original that none of the remake’s writers got credit for their work (arbitration gave credit only to the original writers). Both are forgettable at best. Which is not what one hopes of this series, but if they’re shooting in Russia, it’s likely for the tax breaks. But Willis is the franchise at this point, so having any sort of tonal or character consistency at this point is meaningless.

What’s your favorite Die Hard sequel (if you have one)?