“Looks like Racer X had a little too much Racer 5.” Matthew Fox, while shooting I, Alex Cross in Cleveland, was charged with assault as he was trying to enter a private party bus, and got into a skuffle with the female bus driver. Cleveland.com offers the latest on the incident, as the woman did not recognize the Lost star until after their encounter, and noted that Fox was heavily intoxicated.

Likley little will come of this, and stars have gotten into fights outside or inside of bars for a long time. The one that comes to my mind is when Steve Buscemi and Vince Vaughn got into a bar fight and Buscemi was stabbed, though it seems likely that Joaquin Phoenix must have had one at this point.

Like most of these cases, what will happen is that people will joke about it on Twitter, and some person will probably get paid a lot of money for getting bruised up. This doesn’t really hurt Fox’s career, which has been on the wane since Lost in that he hasn’t established himself in anything else yet. There was an attempt with Speed Racer to turn him into a movie star, but – though the film’s box office wasn’t his fault – it will take I, Alex Cross to see if he’s going to continue on the big screen.

Events like these can ruin a person’s career if it’s antithetical to their perceived persona, but often they only serve for talk show fodder, and often with men it can make them seem cooler. In Fox’s case, he got into a fight with a woman, so it’s not cool at all.

What’s your favorite celebrity arrest?