Steven Spielberg and Stephen King working together? This has to be a geek dream come true. Deadline Hollywood has broken that the two are going to bring King’s tome Under the Dome to the small screen as a series for Showtime. Television has never been more of an exciting place for genre fans, and Under the Dome would be the latest in a series of hit shows aimed straight at the nerd set.

Between this, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, we’re seeing a number of high profile and very successful genre efforts on the small screen. If this works, it will be this will eventually translate to network versions of these types of shows. That said appearing on Cable may be to their benefit, which aren’t under as much network censorship, and can get away with more gore and nudity.That said, Star Trek and the Hercules/Xena-type shows found a healthy following in syndication in the 1990′s, so there’s always been an audience for low-budget genre fare on TV.

Spielberg’s involvement seems like a good sign, but Spielberg has never seemed that hands on with his TV projects post-Amazing Stories. From Seaquest 2032 to the recently cancelled The United States of Tara, it seems more his company than the man himself, which is probably why his most successful TV work has been the Tiny Toons and Pinky and the Brain. To that end, this show will live or die based on its writers.

Can you see Under the Dome as a TV series?