Normally when celebrities get arrested, it falls under two categories: They were doing something stupid, or they were doing something for political purpose. Earlier today we reported about Matthew Fox falling in the former category, and now Daryl Hannah has been arrested for doing the latter. The actress was arrested otuside of the White House for prosteting a new pipeline.

Hannah has long been an activist, and got into trouble with the law in 2006 for chaining herself to a tree. Many stars get involved politically and use their celebrities for their cause celeb – Hannah is no different.

Daryl Hannah’s career is similar to many actresses renowned for their looks. She started in cheesecake-y roles, and had a big breakthrough playing the mermaid in Splash against Tom Hanks. Such led to more serious roles to which she often acquitted herself well enough – though for her work in Wall Street she won a Razzie Award for her performance.

Hannah never got an Oscar nomination, or much credit for her charms. As time passed, she was relegated to older women roles – moms – until Quentin Tarantino cast her in the Kill Bill films. Since then she has kept working, but it seems mostly through low budget films with international funding.

What’s your favorite Daryl Hannah performance?