Jennifer Lawrence‘s Katniss Everdeen made her in motion debut last night at the MTV video music awards. Katniss is the lead of The Hunger Games, which is hoped to be the next Twilight. The film is currently in production, but a teaser was crafted for the event in hopes to stoke anticipation, as it worked so well for the Twilight films. Take a look…

The word that comes to mind is: “underwhelming.” For those who are excited to see Lawrence shoot a bow and arrow it may stoke the fires, but so far it’s a tease and some CGI fire and trees.

Which raises the question: is this the next big thing? That’s going to be a problem for the series, as it’s already trying to position itself as the next Twilight, and though they’re talking about adapting the whole series, right now there’s a lot more hype than anything else. The books are relatively popular, but book sales are nothing like ticket sales, and the young girls who read Twilight relgiously aren’t necessarily the same people who want this. Basically, Lightning is hard to bottle.

This is their first foot forward, and the problem is this footage does nothing for outsiders. Hopefully director Gary Ross and company have a good movie on their hands.

Have you read The Hunger Games?