Never one to not nip at the heels of larger pop culture figures in order to expand her own name brand recognition, Kathy Griffin has now responded to the hyper-creepy/ sorta funny but still creepy video Jim Carrey released yesterday, in which he professed his love for actress and Emma Stone,  satirized social media confessions, and still managed to come off as more than a little spooky.  Griffin’s response?  Make a video to Justin Bieber that essentially steals what Carrey did and adds… well, actually it doesn’t really add anything than the fact that you can actually tell Griffin is joking, along with a sheen of desperate “LOOK AT ME” on the part of Griffen.

Check it out below (via

So, Griffin essentially made fun of Carrey’s joke by… retelling Carrey’s joke.  Well, I guess she added a Jay Leno level of satire to the affair, which is something, right?  I guess?  “Lesbian bangs” was kind of funny, I suppose, and Griffin’s unmoving, staring face does have that spooky Jim Carrey quality, but the whole still smacks of a desperate attempt at bandwagon jumping on the part of Griffin.
What do you think of Kathy Griffin’s take on Jim Carrey’s video for Emma Stone?