Recently ScreenCrave sat down with independent filmmaker, Justin Gordon, the producer and on of the actors in director Mike Flanagan’s recently released horror/thriller Absentia. We talked to him about what it takes to take a small independent film from an idea to being highly regarded and distributed movie. Their story is one of many, a group of filmmakers who wanted to make a film, they all had some experience, but no one has made a feature film. What sets them apart from the rest? The fact that they did it, and did it well.

The film was shot in June, 2010, in 15 days in Los Angeles, and Orange County, with a minimal budget raised with the help of Kickstarter and private investors. With a mere $75k and 15 days to shoot, they set off trying to make a film that was horrifying and entertaining, and yet smart and thought-provoking. How the hell they succeeded in creating such a solid piece of work is even more mysterious than the premise of the film itself…

With not enough time, money, or access, the team pulled together their talents and experiences to make the film happen, sometimes shooting upwards of 50 shots and a day. They managed to attach the much loved actor, Doug Jones, who many of us know as Guillermo del Toro’s right hand man… arm, tree, or whatever creation del Toro may be needing. And how did they do so? By asking nicely.

Making a project like this, you have all the odds stacked against you, the only way to make it happen is to believe in your project wholeheartedly and much like Producer Justin Gordon says below, you have to be damn good at multi-tasking. Watch our interview with him now…

You can find Absentia online now being released through Phase 4 Films! You can also follow it and find out more about what’s going on with it at With the help of 375 backers on Kickstarter and a whole lot of gumption, these guys are living proof that if you want something bad enough, and work at it long enough, anything is possible.

Absentia was directed by Mike Flanagan, produced by Joe Wicker, Justin Gordon, Mike Flanagan, Morgan Peter Brown with performances by Katie Parker, Courtney Bell, Dave Levine, Doug Jones, James Flanagan and Justin Gordon.

Check back soon with our interview with the director of the film Mike Flanagan and the star and line producer, Courtney Bell!

Video Edited By: Jessica Rudolph