After last week’s loaded cliffhanger, Nancy Botwin was left with a mess on her hands. The SEC now knows that their pretty little informant is also a drug dealer with a pyromaniac girlfriend, and Nancy is faced with the worst – going back in the system. Meanwhile, Shane steals information from the police department; Silas continues to recruit; and Andy tries to get under Zoya’s skin. Halfway through the episode, things start to look up for the Botwins, but if we know “Weeds” we know that good things never last for this family.

The Players:

Episode: “Cats! Cats! Cats!”

Nancy and Andy try to put the brakes on Zoya’s attempt to take over the bike shop; Silas has an encounter with a local rival dealer; and Doug must do some business with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Good:

  • Doug Wilson Is The Man: Nancy is not the only one worried about bars. Just when the SEC threatens to send Nancy back into the system, in walks Doug Wilson who also gets threatened with jail time if he doesn’t fork up some information. Thankfully, Doug is a gifted accountant who can see numbers as colors and remembers that the SEC has some illegal federal pension plans with his company. A hilarious Doug makes it very clear that if they go down, so does the SEC.
  • Zoya and Andy: Zoya decides she wants in on Nancy’s business. She proclaims herself “a partner,” but this doesn’t sit well with Andy. Once Zoya starts messing around with his Copenhagen wheel, he threatens to ruin her plans of going away with Nancy.
  • Silas Learns a Lesson on Trust: Sometimes Silas gets carried away thinking he’s Mr. Know-It-All. But in Monday night’s episode he learns a valuable lesson after making a rookie mistake. Silas tries to recruit Emma (Trachtenberg) into his business, he shows her around and discloses information that should only be trusted to those he’s known for more than 10 minutes. In the end, Emma double-crosses him by stealing the “brains” of the operation.
  • Shane Learns a Lesson on Stealing: Shane is still trying to prove himself to Nancy. He feels that if he joins the police force, he can pull a Matt Damon in The Departed. He decides to act by printing out some information on Emma’s weed business Pouncy House, only to get caught and cuffed.

The Bad:

  • Free Townhouse: Nancy does some pillow talking with the CEO of her company. She fesses up to wearing a wire, and tells him he should leave town. Naturally, he’s outraged and kicks her out of his townhouse. But when she comes back to see how things are going, he begs her to come away with her. She declines, and so, he gives her his townhouse. It doesn’t make any sense how things just fall into her lap like that.


This week we saw Nancy deal with the SEC. Now that Doug has cleared that up, Nancy has bigger problems. Hipster drug dealers! Thankfully, she won’t have to deal with psycho-Zoya anymore.

Rating: 8.5/10

“Weeds” airs on Showtime at 10pm (ET/PT) on Monday nights.

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