Oh, mother of God, it truly will never end.  And by “it,” I mean the pop culture steamroller that is Glee–last night was the finale of The Glee Project, a strange and horrifying mishmash of two of modern television’s most atrocious horrors: Glee and reality television.  The Oxygen Network program had its season finale last night, after a season of American Idol rip-offage in which contestants compete for guest spots on the Glee television show.

And, because you couldn’t pay me enough to point my eyeballs at a television upon which images of this show flicker, here’s NPR to break the finale down for you:

Producer Ryan Murphy had four contestants to choose from heading into last night’s finale: Lindsay, the pretty brunette striver (sound familiar?), Sam, the dreadlocked guitar player who strongly recalled Jason Castro of American Idol; Damian, the adorable Irish kid who likes standards; and Alex, who likes to perform in drag and is fully capable of doing a fully persuasive Dreamgirls number as a result.

So, who won?  Who lost?  Who was the one singular person to win the award and justify the season of The Glee Project?

They all won.

So congrats to all the winners.  As for all the people who watched the program, and who actually (and, who knows why) cared about the season and who would win in the end, well, you guys all just kind of lost, didn’t you?

What do you think of The Glee Project finale?