D23 had some high and low points in terms of its film presentations, but one of the clear winners in terms of fan support and interest was the Pixar presentation – which ended with each audience audience being given a cupcake. Two new projects were announced: director Bob Petersen and producer John Walker are working on “The Untitled Pixar film about Dinosaurs,” and director Pete Docter was producer Jonas Rivera are working on “The Untitled Pixar Movie that Takes You Inside the Mind.”

The impressions of both were very vague, but for the Dinosaur-centric project the main idea behind the film is “what if the asteroid that killed all the dinoasaurs… didn’t?” The only image presented was that of a child riding a dinosaur. Hopefully, this won’t lead to Whoopi Goldberg partnered with a dinosaur having to fight crime.This film is slotted for Holiday 2013 release.

The brain one was even more vague, though it reminded me of Woody Allen’s film Every Thing You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask, because it sounds like a feature-length personification of the emotions that go on in the brain (which is a small part of the Allen film). That is planned for Summer 2014. Regardless of any similarities, the main thing emphasized was that Pixar is working on original films – after a rash of recent sequels – and they sound outside the box.

Which of these two excites you more?