For D23, there were a number of film presentations, but the highlight was much of the Pixar material. On top of the two newly announced titles, their slate through summer of 2014 was discussed, from the upcoming Brave through to those two announced untitled projects. John Lasseter was the tour guide through the animated material, but here’s a round up of the Pixar presentation.

  • Brave (6/22/12): John Lasseter describe the film as a “sorta fairy tale” which follows a female lead/princess Merinda (Kelly Macdonald) as she’s to be married, but follows “Wisp o’ Wills” to a witch (voiced by Julie Walters), who makes her a potion that leads to disasterous results. Her parents are played by Billy Connoly and Emma Thompson,and her suitors are payed by Craig Ferguson, Kevin McKidd and Robbie Coltrane. The presentation offered two scenes, one of Merinda practicing on her horse, the second focusing on trials for who gets to marry her, with an archery contest that reminds of Robin Hood. Lasseter, director Mark Andrews and producer Katherine Sarafian were on hand to talk about the challenges of telling a story about humans in Medeival Scotland, where the environments had to be way more specific (and more challenging to animate) than anything the studio had done previously. They also brought out Kelly McDonald and Kevin McKidd to briefly talk about how great it is to work on the film.
  • Monsters University (6/13/13): Lasseter described this one as a “animated college movie,” and though no footage was available, they showed the eighteen year old versions of James P. “Sully” Sulivan (John Goodman) and Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal), and showed images of the campus jocks, goths, drama teachers, and scare mascot. The premise is that both Sull and Mike want to be scrarers, and there is a competition between them. If this prequel sounded sketchy on paper, the images and story presented sounded like fun. Also returning for the film is Steve Buscemi’s character Randall Boggs. The film is being helmed by Dan Scanlon, who was obviously excited about the project, and after a couple of words from a video presentation by Goodman and Crystal, they brought out Crystal to wave at the crowd. Also in the cast will be Dave Foley, Julia Sweeney, Joel Murray and Pete Sohn.

After that they talked about their untitled projects, and gave the crowd cupcakes. Not so bad.

What of these titles excites you most?