For those hoping for scoops, D23 has not offered that much new information. The big news of the day was that The Muppets will have a Toy Story short in front of it. That short is called “Small Fry” and will feature the voice of Jane Lynch. The day was mostly mellow in terms of big guns (which should be unleashed tomorrow), as it was meant more for the fanatics, who wanted to buy as many of the collectables as they could. But there were some neat costume displays in the upstairs showrooms, and one was dedicated to costumes from Disney films and TV shows. Here’s a look at some of the retro outfits and props.

For those in Los Angeles, these resemble the costume displays at the Arclight, which is why the retro titles have the most appeal – and they’re also often the weirdest. It’s hard to get excited about Nicholas Cage‘s costume in National Treasure (a shirt and pants), but the Tron stuff is rather funky and fascinating. There was also a lot of Rocketeer costumes, and the shops had a number of Rocketeer shirts. Perhaps the tide is turning on that film’s reputation.

It was also great to see stuff from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Check it out:

What’s your favorite Retro-costume?