D23 was supposed to be Disney’s answer to Comic-con, or at least that’s what some thought when Disney – for the most part – pulled out of the San Diego event earlier this year. And yet 2011′s D23 is surprisingly mellow, geared more toward the superfan than the casual Disney consumer. And in terms of hype, there are no booths set up highlighting upcoming titles like The Muppets or The Avengers. In fact, there’s little presence currently for upcoming movies on the floor. The movie with the biggest layout is Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

We’ve got photos of some of the cool items on display but currently it’s very much an event meant to appeal to the superfan. If it was supposed to compare to Comic-con, it’s building steam but not there yet. There are vendors selling items (with the majority Disney-themed), and some celebrities (today it’s Doug Jones and Billy Dee Williams) hocking autographs, but the biggest line is for the store to get Disney products.

The Disney Collector is a very special breed. With numerous generations having grown up on their product, the convention is filled with all ages, races, and sexual orientations. Children stand next to people heavily tattooed (often with Disney-specific inkings), with both just as engaged and awed by the 3-D preview of The Lion King. Here it’s about a love for these films that have shaped so many lives.

Check out some of the items on the floor:

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