We all get a case of the giggles sometimes, even on-air news reporters.  It can be just about anything that sends us over the edge.  But it is rarely ever something a silly or crass as, well, a celebrity urinating, that sends someone over the edge into a fit of tittering.  But that’s exactly what happened to Anderson Cooper last night, who devolved into a fit of hysterics after discussing a recent celeb urination snafu.

You see, a few days ago, French film star Gerard Depardieu was drunk on a plane and needed to use to restroom.  The flight attendant’s said he had to wait, so Gerard did what any good lush would do in this situation—he stood up and peed all over the floor of the aisle.  Smooth, right?

Well, Anderson Cooper attempted to report this, and instead fell apart, five year old girl style, at the fact that Gerard’s name sounds like “Depar-doo.”  Oh, pee and poop jokes, how they tickle us.

Check it out, via the L.A. Times:

That’s pretty funny, even if it is a grown man laughing about, essentially, a guy going wee wee.  And yes, I just said wee wee.  Honestly, it’s nice to see, if only every once and a while, a stoic new professional show that he thinks some of the daily news is as ridiculous as it appears to the rest of us–while anchors shouldn’t always cross the objective news line, sometimes a story (or a celebrity’s behavior) is just so silly that it requires an honest reaction like this.  Good for him, for being able to uncross his legs, to let things loose, to just go with the flow, to just let it all hang out.  Um… that’s all that I’ve got.  Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week, ladies and gentlemen.

What do you think of Cooper’s breakdown?