Nancy Botwin’s life just got a little more complicated. Last night “Weeds” picked up right where it left off. Nancy’s prison ex-girlfriend Zoya has been released from prison and she’s not happy to see Nancy, on top of her brother. Now, Nancy must juggle the Russians, the SEC and a CEO. She may be out of the half-way house, but she’s still on a tight, tight leash. In the end, every single one of Nancy’s problems accumulate and we’re left with a classic “Weeds” cliffhanger.

The Players:

Episode: “Synthetics”

Nancy’s former cellmate shows up and complicates things between Nancy and her supplier; Silas and Andy bang heads over how to best utilize the bike shop; and Shane’s internship provides him with some surprising lessons.

The Good:

  • The Russians: Their names are Demetri and Zoya. They are brother and sister, and they are both sleeping with Nancy. Obviously, this creates some problems between the trio, and in the first few minutes of episode 8, we see Demetri and Zoya going at it like little kids. Demetri mocks Zoya by making donkey sounds at her (insinuating that she has donkey ears), and she bosses him around like an older sister. In the end, they both get Nancy, or rather yet, Nancy gets them.
  • Shane Plus Detective Plus Beer: Shane’s internship is turning out to be enlightening. Shane yearns for a father figure, and the detective seeks out the company of a son, since his is negligent towards him. Over beers, the two talk about their problems and give each other advice. For the first time, Shane is sincere about his past and shows real signs of maturity.

The So-So:

  • Shakedown: Silas gets a “friendly cease and desist notice” from a couple of drug-dealing hipsters. It’s suppose to be a shakedown, but it’s hard to take it seriously, especially because the whole thing is just a set-up (on behalf of the writers) to bring in Michelle Trachtenberg’s character into the story. It was a cheap shot.
  • The Cliffhanger: Already we’ve seen a couple of good cliffhangers this season. This is what “Weeds” is all about – the build up. At the end of Monday night’s episode, Nancy is stuck in a room with all of her problems, with exception of the SEC, who are listening in on everything via wire – the drugs, the cover up business, the shakedown. Nancy tries to drown out the conversations with classical music. The entire time Nancy’s struggling to keep the SEC from listening in, you’ll be wondering why she doesn’t just excuse herself, go to the restroom and get rid of the wire?


Now that Zoya is out of prison, we know that she’ll be one of Nancy’s main problems and obstacles. It’ll be interesting to see how Nancy deals with a female lover. Has she met her match? Will she marry Zoya? Will Zoya die at the end of season 7? So many questions!

Rating: 7.5/10

“Weeds” airs on Showtime at 10pm (ET/PT) on Monday nights.

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