Despite the fact that Kate Gosselin denied that such happiness could be attained by humanity, it looks like the long national nightmare of Kate Plus 8 is finally over, as the show has been cancelled.

According to The Christian Science Monitor, the abomination was cancelled due to low ratings, as, apparently, people decided that a fame hungry ex-couple who created a brood of eight soon to be victims of child fame might not be that much fun to watch on TV:

After the Gosselins divorced in 2009, its single mother TV spinoff did not capture people’s imaginations in quite the same way.

Ms. Gosselin is no stranger to setbacks, surviving a nasty divorce. She competed unsuccessfully on the reality show, “Dancing with the Stars,” to vocal criticism. But she was undaunted by the catty remarks, tweeting her response: “So people say I am a bad dancer… who cares what you have to say…..your [sic] worthless!!!!”

I’m… I’m not even going to comment on that one.

When reached for comment about his former show’s cancellation, Jon Gosselin emerged from a dirty pile of Ed Hardy t-shirts, and desperately began tap-dancing on a sidewalk for the paparazzi he assumed was just hiding around the corner, or maybe they were just shooting him from a distance, yeah, that’s it, that’s just gotta be it.

What do you think of the cancellation news?