1994′s The Crow was a box office success, and spawned a number of (mostly) direct to video sequels. But part of the appeal of that version was its gothic nature, enhanced by the tragedy of Brandon Lee dying during production. Whatever direction Juan Carlos Fresnadillo‘s remake is going, it doesn’t seem to embrace that original spirit. The Hollywood Reporter has received word that Bradley Cooper is out, and the two most likely replacements are Mark Wahlberg and Channing Tatum.

Eric – the main character of The Crow – was killed on the night before Halloween along with his fiancee. He wakes up a year later as an member of the undead there to get his revenge, with a crow his protector/soul (he can’t be hurt, but if the crow dies, he dies again). It seems for the remake the revenge aspects will be played up, and perhaps the look of the main character (who paints himself in a harlequin mask) will be changed if they are going in a less gothic direction.How could they not be with these leading man choices?

But if you take out the goth, what’s the point? Perhaps this will be a complete redress of the material, which means not adapting the comic books or previous entries. That reminds me of Dead Heat, a late 1980′s buddy cop comedy where both partners end up as zombies trying to solve their own murders before their time runs out. It’s not that Wahlberg or Tatum can’t play hurt and/or depressed, but that’s not what makes them fun to watch on screen, and nothing sounds less appealing than watching either spending two hours pouting. The loss of a leading man has sunk many a projects, so if no one gets signed soon, this may yet go away.

Do you think the original is a sacred text, or do you welcome this sort of redo?