Highlander fans—all three or four of you—it looks like the reboot to your favorite franchise about immortal Scottish people who swing swords and get struck with lightning bolts a lot (I’m basing this entirely on a trailer for Highlander: The Final Dimension that I vaguely remember seeing when I was 12) has just lost its director.

According to TG Daily, director Justin Lin was set to helm the reboot, having earned the job because the really, really abdominally, unforgivably horrible films he previously directed (The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious, and Fast Five).  But, because whatever force that controls the universe hates of all of so very much, Lin is stuck with his contractual obligation to direct the sixth Fast and Furious film, leaving the new Highlander flick without a director.

So it looks like Summit Films will have to find another director of abysmal yet financially lucrative “films” (the quotes indicate that they are films only in that they feature a series of still images recorded onto film and played in sequence at a high speed in order to give the illusion of movement, and not that they are, you know, good) to head up the reboot franchise.  Maybe McG is free this fall, I dunno.

What do you think of the Highlander news?