Well, this is sure to miff World War Z fans—turns out that the Brad Pitt-starring film adaptation of Max Brooks’ hyper-popular World War Z novel (in which planet Earth is overrun by a zombie infestation) has tinkered with the novel’s original storyline, leaving some concerned that hardcore fans of the novel will revolt against the film.

As Movie Fanatic reported earlier today, World War Z takes place after “a full fledged world takeover by zombies as a U.N. official (Pitt) crosses the globe gathering first-hand accounts of how the undead overtook mankind.”  Sounds pretty cool, right?  Of course it does.

So what has the hardcore devotees of the original novel all miffed?  Well, it has to do with a recently released plot synopsis of the film adaptation, which is describes “a U.N. worker who races against time traveling the world in an effort to stop an attack of zombies that could destroy humanity once and for all.”

Translation?  In the book, the story takes places well after the zombie apocalypse has taken place, giving it a far bleaker tone than what the film sounds like, in which Pitt works to stop the apocalypse from happening.  And while that may be no big deal to the average filmgoer, it does seem like a bit of unnecessary Hollywood meddling with a story that was already great to begin with.

What do you think of the World War Z alterations?