Even if the original movie inspires fond memories, it’s hard to get upset at the remake of Footloose. I mean the premise of the 1984 original was thin then, but the music videos, and the then-prominence of MTV (which played the film’s hit songs repeatedly) embedded the film into the public consciousness. Then again, it only takes one listen to get that Kenny Loggins song stuck in your head. The new version by Craig Brewer has got the dancing, and a cast in Kenny Wormland, Julianne Hough, Dennis Quaid, Ray McKinnon, and Andie MacDowell. Check out the new trailer.

It looks like there’s dancing and the same “let us be teenager” message from the first film, but this version looks a little sexier, and maybe a little more fun. The film was screened a couple weeks back, and though there haven’t been any reviews, word was that the movie is fun and delivers on the premise as much as can be expected.

Director Craig Brewer likely did this because he needs a hit after Black Snake Moan failed to attract a larger audience. Brewer was in the spotlight for a moment after Hustle and Flow made him and Terrence Howard hot properties. This is a make or break for Brewer in terms of playing with the studios, but if it plays as it seems like it might, I’m sure he’s sleeping well. Footloose hits theaters October 14.

Do you want to cut loose?