Well, the war against Netflix continues, and it appears that one of the victims of streaming video, Blockbuster, is going to get a helping hand in the battle as to how we stream films and TV.  And that helping hand is coming from Dish Network.

While Blockbuster may have gone bankrupt after the sharp increase in streaming video and Redboxes,  Dish Network “views Blockbuster as a significant competitive advantage over its competitors like DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, AT&T and Verizon, which is much needed if it hopes to gain and retain new subscribers” (PS: Dish Network subscriber numbers suck right now), according to Forbes.

It now appears that Dish Network is partnering up with Blockbuster in a move that will hopefully be mutually beneficial for both:

In terms of Dish Network’s numerous efforts, the company has already improved pricing for customers, offered free trials, increased store inventory and plans to spend more on marketing in an effort to stimulate demand and attract new customers. Going forward, we may see an uptick in marketing spend in general for the company as a whole.

Dish is also working on digital aspects of Blockbuster, which could help its efforts in fending off dedicated streaming competitors like Netflix while tapping into increasing demand for content via this medium.

In other news, Netflix simply sighed and shrugged, began streaming Breaking Bad and the Twilight movies, and Dish Network was never heard from again.

What do you think of the Dish Network news?