For the past couple days the lead stories have been America’s market downturn, and the rioting and looting that has been happening in London. Like many more recent national tragedies, the footage recalls the films that try to recreate similar circumstances, and while many celebrities have tweeted about being safe, and concerned for what’s been going on, it’s hard to say how this is going to effect their cinema. Here’s what we know:

The Hollywood Reporter noted that one of the biggest hits to entertainment was the Sony CD and DVD warehouse that was burned to the ground, and has hurt indie company Arrow Films and Video, which recently released Tobe Hooper’s The Funhouse on a region-free Blu-ray. Other small businesses are just as likely facing a situation that was hard if not impossible to insure against.

As per the cinema-side of things, what we’ve also been hearing is that the police have advised theater chains to not run as they might be targets. Such has led to a downturn in numbers for the most recent releases, so Super 8, Captain America and Harry Potter seem hit hardest box office-wise. When it comes to new films, the moment of release has a great currency, so these events have cost them millions of pounds in revenue that won’t come back.

What Culture raises a good question: will the riots delay Rise of the Planet of the Apes? It features apes rioting, and Hollywood tends to be sensitive about these things if it can hurt the bottom line. After September 11, 2001, the studios delayed a number of action movies that might have been considered offensive, while they are also not above hiding a film that may have similar content to a national tragedy (The Basketball Diaries was downplayed after the Columbine shootings). There’s no word on what Fox plans to do, but then it’s hard to say when this will come to an end, but right now there’s more questions than answers.

Have you been following the rioting?