The internet is a huge tool for independent filmmakers, it provides knowledge, helps them make a name for themselves and it even helps them get started. No matter how big or small a project, money is still a huge necessity for independent filmmakers to make a quality movie. There are a number of interesting projects beginning online, and we’ve found one that is worthy of your attention. Producer Curtis Andersen and director Zeke Pinheiro (The Price) have launched a kickstarter campaign in hopes of getting the funds to hire a casting director and a storyboard artist for their next project, which they promise will be a slasher with real scares.

The Cheerleaders Must Die is the name of the project. The story follows the Armadillo High School Cheer Squad on a trip to Shady Pines Spirit Camp. Andersen and Pinheiro are both lovers of the horror genre and are setting out to make a film with an 80s-horror edge to it. Aside from Andersen and Pinheiro, Award-winning, make-up artist Mike ‘The Wolf’ Michaels is also on board to produce and design to special effects.

Here is a note from the director on the project:

“This film is a passion project for [Curtis Andersen and me]. We are determined to make a quality film worthy of the genre while having its own unique voice. As horror fans we know there are a host of things we need to deliver on; an isolated location, creative kills, an interesting villain, but we also want to deliver on real scares by ratcheting up the tension. Our approach toward doing that is making sure our killer’s targets were characters the audience didn’t want to see die and avoid the tired trope of obnoxious nubile teens awaiting a grisly demise. We are extremely proud of the reaction the script has gotten, particularly from female readers who find our well rounded characters with developed personalities, strengths, and flaws refreshing and fun.” – Zeke Pinheiro, Director

Without the funds, this project won’t see the light of day. In order to push this forward, $7,000 need to be raised for a proper story board artist and for a casting director to lock in the right talent.

You can visit The Cheerleaders Muct Die kickstarted page for more information, and/or help the project out. There are also some neat rewards that come with donating, including the chance to get a Co-Executive Producer credit on the film.

What their pitch below…