So, last week, we were privy to the new Catwoman, as featured in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises and portrayed by Anne Hathaway.  Also of note was the fact that, in the promo picture, Catwoman was riding Batman’s Bat-Pod (a.k.a., that motorcycle thing that pops out of the Batmobile/ Tumbler in The Dark Knight).  And now, according to a video that leaked from The Dark Knight Rises’ set, not only does Catwoman steal the Bat-Pod, but the stuntdriver portraying her loses control of the vehicle—with disastrous results, as far as the IMAX cameras used to film the new movie are concerned.

Dig the video below, via Batman-News, in which a stuntwoman accidentally takes out one of the ludicrously expensive IMAX cameras used to film an action sequence for the new film:

Ouch—at least no one was hurt.  Luckily, the film has a whopping $250 million budget, so one camera is probably expendable, especially since, with a budget like that, the film could probably light half of Philadelphia on fire and still have enough money left to buy about 70 IMAX cameras to film it.

What do you think about Catwoman stealing the Bat-Pod in The Dark Knight Rises?