Time has really taken a toll on Nancy Botwin. Once upon a time, the suburban mom would have never admitted to being a drug dealer, but now, she seems to think it okay to out herself. In last night’s episode of “Weeds“, Nancy tells her boss that she’s the company’s dealer. In return, he makes her play the field… at a company baseball game. Nancy also spends some time with Andy, which was long overdue because the two are rarely seen together anymore. Maybe that’s just what Nancy needs, to spend some quality time with Andy because right now, she’s not being herself.

The Players:

Episode: “Vehement v. Vigorous”

Nancy and Doug play in a company softball game; Silas comes back from Heylia’s and tries to hire male models as delivery men.

The Good:

  • Shane’s New Relationship: No matter how smart and charming Shane is, there’s one thing we’ll never forget (and forgive) — he’s a murderer. This week, Shane develops a new father-son relationship with a man from law enforcement. The man sees that Shane’s got the potential to become a high-level criminal and decides to take him under his wing by offering him an internship. I’m getting vibes from The Departed.
  • Sila’s Quoting Heylia: Silas comes back to New York after spending some time harvesting MILF weed for Heylia. He spends a good chunk of the show getting under Nancy’s skin by sharing some of the advice that Heylia has bestowed unto him. One of the highlights is when he asks, “Why do you hate Heylia so much?” You never know if what he’s doing is it to annoy Nancy or if Heylia has actually made an impact on him.
  • Doug: There’s not a lot of Doug during this episode, but this is worth mentioning: Doug runs into Nancy’s halfway house director (who’s a Black man) and he makes the hilarious mistake of calling him Marvin. In that short while, he manages to out Nancy, asking “Marvin” if he’s still dealing for her.

The Bad:

  • Silas’ Rocky Moment: Silas is eager to find delivery boys for the weed business. All he asks for is that they be good looking, so who does he go to? A model agent. The only thing is that he has to fight, in a ring, with another male model. Only then will she hook him up. The whole idea is ridiculous. He’s asked to throw the fight, for whatever reason, but when the other male model calls him a ‘sugar momma’s boy,’ Silas goes Rocky on him. The whole scenario is just unnecessary. All we see is that Silas’ on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but we already knew that.
  • Nancy’s Getting Sloppy: Nancy has been in worst situations than the ones in Season 7, but she’s getting sloppy. What is she trying to prove by outing herself, or by being an informant for the SEC? She’s still charming, but she’s approaching everything without thinking twice. There’s needs to be reasons for her actions and so far, we’re not getting any.


Everyone is figuring stuff out on their own. It’s a slow process, but there’s fun surprises and those make the show worth while.

Rating: 7.5/10

“Weeds” airs on Showtime at 10pm (ET/PT) on Monday nights.

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