It’s a bit of a nerd Nirvana on DVD this week as three different sci-fi/fantasy/comic book parodies all arrive at once with the releases of Paul, Your Highness, and Super. So get your condescending laughs ready.

For those not looking for the geek-parody genre in order to fulfill their home entertainment desire, there are even more feature films hitting shelves this week, plus another that suffered the sad fate of having its premiere in stores.

Check it all out below…

Feature Films


What do you do when your favorites misstep?

If you’re like me, you love you some Nick Frost and Simon Pegg comedies.

Also, if you’re like me, Paul was kind of a chore to sit through. Uneven, too long, and tried to do too many things at once.

So what do you do? Do you completely lose faith? Does the duo’s next film no long hold for you the same appeal it once did? In other words, have we just suffered an Intolerable Cruelty/The Ladykillers-like reaction to these other two cinematic brothers?

It’s troubling, because once you lock into a reliable film constant you begin to plan your movie year around it. Circling your calendar and suffering through horrible runs of Source Codes and Adjustment Bureaus more readily knowing that something that has to be good is coming right up.

But then, it doesn’t, and you’re left betrayed and unable to ever fully trust again. What is a fan to do?

I know! You blame the fact that Edgar Wright didn’t direct this one and you move on. Hope you chaps will reunite soon!

But if you need something to tide you over, you can buy Paul on DVD.

Your Highness

It seemed that a lot of the animus toward this movie was chiefly directed at two of its three stars.

James Franco: Crappy Oscar host, does too much, overexposed.

Natalie Portman: Too many movies, No Strings Attached – really?, I like Mila Kunis better.

Yes, this film was sort of a catalyst for sealed anger to explode on these two actors, but one got by unscathed – Danny McBride.

And I’m fascinated by that. Can Danny McBride do know wrong? Does having about three moves as an actor (which he does transcendently well, mind you) right all wrongs. Does it make becoming a K-Swiss spokesman and the co-star of Land of the Lost not even matter?

I’m totally confused. I need help:

Can Danny McBride do no wrong?

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If you answered “yes”, you’ll want to buy Your Highness on DVD.


And Just So You Know, This DVD Exists…