When he’s not busy desperately convincing us all that he’s kind of, well, sort of monstrous, Mel Gibson actually appears to be a fairly nice guy.  No—seriously!

According to Third Age, “Mel Gibson reunited with his estranged wife on Saturday for a rare public appearance with three of their seven children and three of their grandkids” for a charity event for small children.  Even I can’t think of a snarky comment to make about that.

The special occasion was the 10th birthday of Maria de Jesus and Maria Teresa Quiej-Alvaraez, two Guatemalan girls borns as conjoined twins connected at the skulls. The pair garnered international attention when surgeons at Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA Medical Center separated them in August of 2002.

Gibson’s estranged wife Robyn was formerly the president of the board of directors of nonprofit group Mending Kids, a group that provides life-altering surgical care for children worldwide: the Gibsons were honored for their contributions to the organization.

“We’re all involved in Josie and Teresa’s lives,” People Magazine reported Gibson as saying (the actor was using the girls’ nicknames). “It’s incredible seeing Josie and Teresa do so well. Listening to Josie speak, you think, ‘Man, this is the happiest kid I’ve ever seen.”

Gibson is actually very well known for making discreet donations to various charities throughout the world.

What do you think of Gibson’s charity work?