What is Love? In this case it’s a movie by Will Eubank, who directed the film in his backyard and made the sets himself. Eubank’s partnership with Tom Delonge is likely what put the film on the map at all. Delonge is a founding member of Blink 182, and has another band in Angels and Airwaves. On August 10, the film will play with a concert by Angels and Airwaves, and with a Q&A with the director through Fathom events. This is the same company that has been trying to do a number of events like this theatrically, from concerts (which this is partly) to Rifftrax, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 spin off. Check out the trailer.

The scale of the trailer suggests something epic, or something fascinating, regardless. And if the majority of this was done in backyards and through friends (rock and roll producer or not), the film should at least be charming to watch. Of course, if you’re an Angels and Airwaves fan, then it’s probably worth checking out for the show.

Science fiction is a malleable genre and – as Mystery Science Theater 3000 showed – even lesser or bad science fiction film can be fun to watch. But when it’s good? From Stanley Kubrick and Andrei Tarkovsky to Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg – it’s also produced some of the best films ever made. It’s likely some form of home video release of the movie will follow, but in this changing landscape for independent features, it’s hard to say when or how.  This plays theaters August 10. Check it out.

Blink 182, were you a fan?