In 1987 Dirty Dancing was a phenomenon, and if Crazy, Stupid, Love. is to be believed, it has enough cultural relevance to still be parodied today with most people knowing the film’s big dance number. There was a late attempt to give it a semi-sequel in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, but that came in 2004 with only a cameo by Patrick Swayze. The only thing left to do is remake it, and (as broken by Deadline Hollywood) Lionsgate has hired Kenny Ortega to direct it.

Ortega is an interesting choice because he was the choreographer on the first film, but in an age where the musical and dance picture is anamoly, there aren’t that many options of experienced musical directors. Hairspray‘s Adam Shankman is busy with Rock of Ages, Step Up‘s Jon Chu has moved on to G.I. Joe 2, while Chicago helmer Rob Marshall is now doing the Pirates sequels. After that the talent pool gets smaller, and Ortega is tested, having directed the musical Newsies.

It’s not all that surprising the picture is being remade in a climate of remaking everything, the question is if they retain the period setting, or if they move it up twenty years in parallel with the original. That would set the film in the 1980′s, which means we could see Baby being taught to pop and lock. Ten bucks says they work in a Jennifer Grey cameo.

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