Update: Check out new footage from the set of The Dark Knight Rises, in which the Catwoman stunt actress accidentally destroys an expensive IMAX camera while driving the Bat-Pod pictured above!***

After laying down a gauntlet of fanboy frothing by releasing picture of Tom Hardy as Bane, then dropping a creepy teaser trailer, and then just letting the whole world watch a giant fight between Batman and his new villain, Christopher Nolan seems to have loosened up about letting details slip from The Dark Knight Rises.  And today is no different, as the first promotional shot of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle (a.k.a., Catwoman) was revealed.

It seems Nolan has moved away from the slinky camp of Julie Newmar/ Eartha Kitt/ Lee Meriwether original series costumes, the skintight sexiness of Michelle Pfieffer’s Batman Returns incarnation, or Halle Berry’s stupid—ok, really hot, but still just plain stupid—disaster of a costume (you have know idea how hard it was for me not to write cat-astrophe just now.  Forgive me, readers, forgive me), and has opted for, well, James Marsden’s Cyclops outfit from the first three X-Men films.  Go figure.

Actually, in typical Nolan style, the shot raises more questions than it answers: why is Catwoman riding Batman’s Bat-pod motorcycle—did she steal it, or have they partnered up?  Is Batman unable to ride it due to injury (in the comics, Bane famously snapped Batman’s spine in two).  And more importantly, will this costume inspire a spate of insipid and slutty Catwoman outfits this Halloween?  Only time will tell, faithful readers.  Tune in next time, same Screentime, same Screenchannel!

What do you think of the new Catwoman look?