Americans, celebrate—not because it is your President Obama’s birthday (although that’s cool, too), but because the totally awesomest show ever in the history of totally awesomesticity (after The Sopranos and The Wire, of course) just got a little bit longer.

I’m talking, of course, about Breaking Bad.

The show about a high school science teacher-turned-meth-cook is pretty much the most hypnotizing hour on television, but it’s future—despite killer ratings for AMC—had seemed in doubt earlier this week, due to the inevitable “negotiation difficulties” that seem to plague good TV like “exhaustion” plagues rock bands that do too much coke.  But!  According to The AV Club, all is well in terms of Bad’s future:

While negotiations continue between AMC and Sony over the future of Breaking Bad, Deadline reports that things are looking much more positive than they did a few days ago, with “all sides confident” that the show definitely will finish out its run on the network it helped to build. (The fact that FX reportedly was interested in taking the series off AMC’s hands probably didn’t hurt.) Even better, all this leveraging could end up benefitting you, the viewer: Sony has upped its request from 13 to 20 additional episodes, with the final seven potentially existing as their own standalone season. So it’s quite possible that we could get two more full years of meth-fueled misery.

So this is pretty much the best news ever.  Celebrate, America, celebrate!  But not, you know, with meth.  Just have some Skittles or something.

What do you think of the Breaking Bad news?