Leave it to Heylia James to greet someone with a shotgun. In last night’s episode, Nancy and Silas almost get their heads blown off by none other than their former enemy, one of “Weeds” primary characters from a couple of seasons ago. We quickly figure out that not much has changed – Heylia is still dealing and Nancy is still buying. We also get to witness another one of Heylia’s inspiring speeches (she was always a good speaker). And, Nancy gets a sweet surprise.


The Players:

Episode: “Object Impermanence

Nancy has a run-in with an old acquaintance and Silas gets caught in the crossfire; Andy engages in a new business enterprise that requires Doug and Shane’s assistance.

The Good:

  • Heylia James: Some of my favorite lines come from this woman. When she left “Weeds” a little part of me died, because she was a great character. Heylia put Nancy in her place, something that no one else ever seemed to be able (or is still able) to do. She always has something meaningful to say and has welcome monologues. Plus, with all the shows forward momentum, no one expected us to go back, “Weeds” has managed to surprise me again and that’s always a good sign. And without spoiling anything, just know that you’ll be seeing Heylia again.
  • Shane Shines in School: Shane sits through his first lesson in Criminal Justice class, and gets recognition. He’s a smart kid and seeing him at his brightest is always good fun. He’s still a teen but his life experience makes it easy for him to converse with those older than him. We saw it last season when he befriended the Moms and we see it again last night.
  • Dean and Silas: Dean also comes back into the picture. The Jewish lawyer who loves to get high is living with Heylia, and apparently not so comfortably. Him and Silas get to talking about everything – girls, being young, drinking blood, taking dumps, MILF – everything. It’s a great scene. Also worth mentioning is when he first sees Nancy, Dean goes into panick mode and says, “Celia’s not with you right?” Funny!

The Bad:

  • Andy: We need more Andy. He almost feels like a secondary character now. He did recently have a storyline of his own (when he got involved with the polyamorous couple), but it wasn’t enough. At the end of last season, we were left wondering if Andy and Nancy would ever be, but the notion has been forgotten. We rarely see Andy and Nancy together now. Look, everyone has a card to play, and while Doug is silly and goofy and fun, “Weeds” still needs more Andy. He’s the wit. The smart-ass. More Andy would be great.


It’s always a pleasure to see old friends, especially ones as vivid as Heylia.

Rating: 8/10

“Weeds” airs on Showtime at 10pm (ET/PT) on Monday nights.

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